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Please visit also my XING-Profile (viewable only for XING-Members) or find me at Twitter. The opinions expressed at this blog are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in anyway.

Markus Caspari, born 1977, graduated in Business Administration, german degree „Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)“ with majors in Marketing Management, International Marketing and Applied Marketing (4.5 years alongside full-time job).

Diploma thesis (2005) in the subjects areas: Marketing, Strategic Management and Business Development. Title of diploma thesis: Status quo and development perspectives for media companies – a research to define new business areas and their strategic direction.

Former scholarship holder of a german talent program which was initiated from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research  (3 years alongside full-time job).

Apprenticeship as specialized journalist (2 years).

Apprenticeship as industrial clerk (2 years), final grade „very good“.

Digital native with more than 18 years experience in Online-Business: For example in the early 1990s he launched and operated as a young teenager his own Bulletin board system (BBS) with plenty of registered users within the FidoNet, a worldwide computer network that is used for communication between BBS. FidoNet was most popular in the early 1990s, prior to the introduction of easy access to the WWW.

13 years work experience: Different management positions at Media & Marketing Communication Companies (Online and Print). For example as Head of Sales & Marketing (and also part of the entrepreneur team) in an international B2B Web 2.0 company and as Project manager in a B2C Marketing Consultancy. Moreover Business Development Manager and Lead of Online Project Management and Online Strategy in the B2B Media & Marketing Unit at John Wiley & Sons.

Today: Director Performance Marketing at iProspect / Aegis Media in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Key activities: Business Development, Strategy, Online Marketing and Project Management in Media & E-Commerce.

Other blogs from the author: BusinessMediaBlog.com, DigitalStrategyBlog.com, CorporateFinanceBlog.de, AugmentedRealityBiz.com, UsabilityPilot.com, DigitalAnalyticsInsider.com.

Please ask for opt-in before sending press releases on a regular basis. Contact: markus.caspari ( AT ) googlemail.com.


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